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Shawn Ryan

A former US Navy SEAL and Paramilitary Contractor, Shawn Ryan is the Founder/CEO of Vigilance.

Shawn enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 18 and began his journey of becoming a Navy SEAL where he served with SEAL Teams 2 and 8 deploying to multiple conflict zones and fighting in both OIF (Iraq) and OEF (Afghanistan).  After leaving the US Navy and Navy Special Warfare Community, Shawn continued to serve his country as a Paramilitary Contractor involved in US intelligence clandestine operations.

During his 14 years of combat experience as both a Navy SEAL and Paramilitary Contractor, Shawn made over 20 deployments to combat zones in 14 different areas of operations.  As the focus of this country’s fight against terrorism expanded from the anti-Al-Qaeda and Taliban Operations “Enduring Freedom” and “Iraqi Freedom” to The Islamic State (ISIS) Operation “Inherent Resolve,” Shawn left the Special Operations Community to pursue a new career and bring his skillset to the home front.

As the fight against terrorism increasingly found its way to the United States, Shawn founded Vigilance in December 2015 to provide training to both the civilian and law enforcement sectors. Vigilance’s purpose is to teach and instill the unique skills and mindset of a Navy SEAL to those who want to learn to defend themselves and their families against imminent threats.

Shawn is also very involved with helping his brothers in the Special Operations Community who are ready to transition into the civilian life.  As the Primary Special Operations Outreach Consultant for Veterans Advocacy Services, Shawn educates Special Operations Veterans on their entitled benefits and helps facilitate the complex and difficult transition from elite warrior to civilian life.

Charles Scott

Charles Scott began his career with the United States Army. Prior to an honorable discharge, he spent four years with the Alpha Company 2/75th Rangers, a lethal, agile and flexible force, capable of conducting many complex, joint special operations missions. Scott’s duty assignments included, Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman (SAW Gunner), Assistant Gunner for M240 Gun team, M240 Gunner, and Fire Team Leader.

Charles Scott completed 5 deployments, successfully leading his own team operations during two of these deployments, to the Middle East conducting Special Operations missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In January of 2005, Charles Scott was honorably discharged from service to the United States Army. He completed his service as an 11B2V, E-5 Sergeant.

Charles Scott transitioned from the U.S. Army and into the private sector, at first providing close body protection for celebrities and high level executives, and then, four years later, for the United States and its assets and personnel while they conducted operations in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Over the course of six years, Scott deployed another 18 more times to the Middle East where he was responsible for managing base wide access control for multiple clandestine and high profile U.S. installations. He also held every duty position ranging from team leader to site supervisor and led and managed teams of American and local national forces ranging from 2 to 380 personnel while engaging in direct contact with enemy forces.

Charles Scott also conducted site assessments and coordinated improvements in an attempt to deter and prevent enemy forces from causing havoc and thwarting American efforts in the Middle East.

Over the last year and a half, Charles Scott has implemented the expert knowledge and experiences from the last 15 years of his life into the successful creation and management of his own premier security company.

Bryan Ripley

At the ripe age of 20, Bryan Ripley began his career by joining the U.S. Navy. He successfully completed the BUDS(Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) program(class  278), and SQT(SEAL Qualification Training) program(class 280), and was stationed with SEAL Team Five.

Within those 7 years with SEAL Team Five, Bryan was deployed 2 times, for a total of 14 months in 12 different countries, and over 140 combat operations. One of these accomplishments being direct security for President Barack Obama.

While very highly motivated, Bryan has a talent for thriving in high stress situations and harsh environments. He possesses great problem solving abilities as well as excellent communication skills. This has resulted in being Lead Joint Terminal Attack Controller(JTAC), as well as a Communicator for SEAL Team Five. Bryan completed additional training courses within his career, such as: 4 years of Advanced SEAL professional development(PRODEV), Unit Level Training(ULT), and Squadron Integration Training(SIT).

Bryan Ripley has used his leadership skills to instruct six separate police academy classes on deployment, which resulted in 150 new recruits. He also served as a mentor and instructor for 15 new Navy SEALS and tactical operations. Ripley has been responsible for logistics, training and real world operations. He has worked as a daily liaison for over 100 pilots and senior leaders in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.