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TACTICAL Awareness and weapon training for every skill level from novice CIVILIAN to Navy Seal


Concepts of Combat

Our Concepts of Combat courses are designed for the new shooter striving to gain the fundamentals of basic marksmanship, proper manipulation and operation of the firearm with the correct form and technique. No training prerequisites required.

Ladies Only Concepts of Handgun
Concepts of Combat Pistol
Concepts of Combat Rifle
Concepts of combat courses

Gun Fighter I

Our Gunfighter Course enables shooters to utilize their weapon with a sense of purpose, focusing on speed, accuracy, and improved dexterity. Firearm safety and familiarity is required.

Pistol Gunfighter
Carbine Gunfighter

Gun Fighter II

Utilizing the fundamentals, speed, and manipulation skills acquired from previous training, gunfighters will focus on transforming defensive shooting situations into offensive actions. Training prerequisites required.

Pistol Gunfighter II
“Becoming The Aggressor”
Carbine Gunfighter II
“Flipping The Switch”

Night Fighter

Gunfighters will conduct a series of repetitious drills forcing them to manipulate their weapons with zero visibility in our Night Fighter Course.  Training prerequisites required.

Pistol Night Fighter
Low/No Visibility Tactical Applications
Carbine Night Fighter
Low/No Visibility Tactical Applications

American Gun Fighter 

Our American Gunfighter 2 day course is a series of cold drills utilizing both pistol and rifle shooting while on the move, moving to cover, shooting from cover, and engaging multiple threats. Training prerequisites required.

American Gunfighter
“For The Vigilance Elitist”


Providing the American citizens with the hard skills, firearms training and the “Vigilance Elite” tactical mindset acquired through decades of experience on the battlefield by America’s elite Special Operations Units.

Shawn Ryan

Vigilance Elite Pistole Training, Rifle Training, Firearm Training Course.

Charles Scott

Vigilance Elite Pistole Training, Rifle Training, Firearm Training Course.

Bryan Ripley



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